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Five years ago today the Internet went on strike to fight SOPA and PIPA, two anti-piracy bills. As part of the historic protests tech giants such as Google and Wikipedia stood by many smaller players in a massive “Internet blackout,” which helped to defeat the bills. Since then, January 18 has become known online as “Internet Freedom Day.”

The proposals, including SOPA and PIPA, would’ve streamlined the shutting down of allegedly infringing domain names and threatened to increase liability for third party services, among other things.

Fearing broad Internet censorship, the proposals ignited a wave of protests led by various activist groups. But, what started as a small protest movement was swiftly elevated to mainstream news, when tech giants such as Google and Wikipedia joined in.

Exactly five years ago, following months of scattered protests, the opposition peaked into a massive Internet blackout campaign.

As a result, the balance of power tipped and Hollywood and the music industry were forced into retreat. Soon after the blackout, both bills were declared dead, a victory which is still frequently referenced today.

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Test your Internet connection on KODI from your TV Box / KODI Device! 2016

Speedtest.net is one of the most used speedtesters for an internet connection / bandwidth measurement. Now you can test your internet speed on your TV BOX/Device directly in KODI with this very handy addon by ARNU Box!
You can get the addon from the ARNU Box Repository: http://www.arnuboxota.com/repo/addons/
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Amazon Fire TV Not Connecting to Internet with Ethernet Cable

NOTE: This applies only to the Amazon Fire TV Box, Not the Amazon Fire Stick.  The Amazon Firestick Does not have an Ethernet port.

I have had some complaints of the Amazon Fire TV Box not connecting to the internet when using the Ethernet cable rather than Wifi.  The most common cause is that the Ethernet cable was connected after the Amazon Fire TV was powered on and the Wifi may be trying to connect.  Here are a few suggestions on how to get the Amazon Fire TV Box to connect to the internet with the Ethernet.

Easiest First:  Remove the Power Cable from the Amazon Fire TV Box.  Connect the Ethernet cable to the Amazon Fire TV Box, and the other end to your router.  Power the Amazon Fire TV Box back on.  This will usually correct the issue of the Amazon Fire TV Box connecting to the internet over Ethernet.

If this does not work then…

You Can Also Check the Settings:

  1. Connect one end of an Ethernet cable to you Amazon Fire TV Box and the other end to your router.
  2. In the Amazon Screen go to Home screen, select Settings > System > Network > Wired.  This Should select the wired network as you primary internet connection.



Comment écouter bein streaming gratuit free internet

Vous pouvez écouter BEIN en streaming sur internet.

Dans la smart box android TV androide44TV cliquer sur l’application Kodi, ensuite choisir Video , choisir fichier , choisir Libretv , cliquer sur la liste des chaines  Arabic-TV et choissir la chaines BEIN désiré (de BEIN1 à BEIN10 )

Boutique internet livraison gratuite partout au Québec, Montréal , Gaspésie, Ontario,Canada
 2 à 4 jours ouvrables par poste Canada, 
Livraison en France 15 euro 5 jours ouvrable

Android TV Box et XBMC pour regarder des films gratuits

Les 5 meilleurs liens de streaming TV du quebec et en francais sur internet

Dans KODI libreTV il y a plusieurs centaines de chaines de TV en streaming en français. Voici les 5 meilleures liste pour écouter la TV québécoises et française.

CanadaQc : Ici radio canada, TVA, Disney, LCN, RDI, Argent


Chaines canadiennes: Ici radio canada, TVA, Global, CBC, Global Toronto, CTV Edmonton et Regina LCN, RDI, CIC Yorktown

PB TV International: à travers ces dizaines de chaines de sport, ces dizaines de chaines espagnol, mexicaines, brésiliennes, allemande, ces dizaines de chaines américaines et UK on retrouve les principales chaines québécoises et canadiennes et les chaines françaises une de mes liste préférée.

sport tva sportnet 360 tsn

Android TV Box et XBMC pour regarder des films gratuits