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ARNU Box Mach 10 – Pure Linux – Kodi 15.2 review

Really enjoyed the box, the speed the graphic output, the sound quality and the specification is great for KODI box for normal kodi, I tested the IPTV and Video streaming and all seems to be great with the box.

Message below from http://www.boxtoptheater.com/

Mach 10 Pure Linux is by far the fastest Kodi media box on the market. Unfettered by extra applications the Mach 10 has an increased speed and Ram to go along with the easiest Kodi to personalize on the market. Sporting a stylish Chrome case topped off with a digital clock for your convenience that will look great anywhere in the home and faster speeds.

With a powerful Amlogic S812 processor and four fully open dedicated cores exclusively powering the most stable OS on the market the Mach 10 Pure Linux gives users the fastest Kodi performance possible all while rendering up to 4k quality video. Start it up and hold on for the ride.


Our Pure Linux set-top boxes give users a pure Kodi experience. The revolutionary software provides stability and polish unlike anything else. With four cores powering your media experience it will never look better. If Kodi is your main media focus a Pure Linux box is your only choice.

Cloud Word
Cloudword on KODI is a one-of-a-kind configuration tool for the ARNU Box family of products. It allows users to add their favorite add-ons in seconds by merely typing one word or “Cloudword”. This system eliminates the need for users to install individual repositories.

No key is needed to unlock the potential of ARNU Box. Avoid set-up wizards and enjoy the box that works like magic.

I enjoyed this box and reminded me allot of how easy it is with Apple TV.

If you ever get to get this box I made a cloud word for you guys as well “husham0851”

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New Version KODI : 15.2 Isengard

Once a ‘final’ version is released some new bugs and/or problems usually appear out of nowhere,developers will continue to focus on removing old legacy code, as well as improving both usability and user friendliness.

improved compatibility with new NEXUS NVIDIA SHIELD PLAYER and TV devices
Improvements :

· MySQL compatible Consultations
· Fixed DVB subtitles
· Improved PulseAudio (Linux)
· Fixed bug multiple images in the group list
· PVR Updated
· Reading optimized scanning files on 32-bit platforms
· Improved positioning subtitles
· Fixed the lack of memory at the start of Bluray menu
· Fixed bug when playing FLAC files
· Fixed volume setting XBOX
· Side Menu corrected touchscreens
· Fixed bug in OSX 10.7 HDD systems
· Arrangements equipment AMLogic
· Fixed the lack of letters MusicDB

Supported Devices :

-Download KODI 15.2 Isengard-



OpenElec 6 Released (Kodi 15.2)

OpenELEC, the popular Kodi-based operating system, has released OpenELEC 6! Click here to find out more information on how to download and update your Kodi box today!

OpenELEC 6 was released today and the official version is available for download. The biggest change in OpenELEC 6 is the inclusion of Kodi 15.2, the latest version of our favourite software. I know lots of people (myself included) were patiently waiting for OpenELEC 6 so that we can enjoy official Kodi 15.2 support on our Kodi box.

Read the official release post by clicking here or by reading below! Credit goes to http://www.openelec.tv

The official website to download OpenELEC 6 can be found by clicking here. Get in touch with us on Facebook and Twitter if you have any questions! If you have the OpenElec Dev Update program, you can easily upgrade your OpenElec software inside of a Kodi program. Get those details by clicking here.


The most visible change is Kodi 15.2 (Isengard). Beginning with Kodi 15.0 most audio encoder, audio decoder, PVR and visualisation addons are no longer pre-bundled into OpenELEC but can be downloaded from the Kodi addon repo if required. PVR backends such as VDR and TVHeadend will install needed dependencies automatically. For further information on Kodi 15.1 please read http://kodi.tv/kodi-15-2-isengard-final-release/.

We now officially support WeTek’s WeTek_Play device with a build that installs to internal NAND and dual-boots with Android on an SD Card. The iMX6 build extends support to all Solidrun CuBox-i/TVSolidrun Hummingboarddevices and the OSMC Vero. We recommend CuBox-i2eX / Hummingboard-i2eX or better devices.

Under the hood there are updates to ffmpeg 2.6, mesa 10.6, Xorg-1.17, libva 1.6, systemd v219, binutils 2.25, Glibc 2.22, libressl 2.1.7, LLVM-3.6 and Kernel 4.1 (except for iMX6 and WeTek_Play).

OpenELEC 6.0 release contain a Kodi major version bump. If you are updating from OpenELEC 5.0 or earlier we strongly recommend you perform a full backup before performing a manual update. If you experience issues please perform a soft-reset to clear OpenELEC and Kodi settings.

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