Install Kodi Windows 8 SO EASY Your Grampa Could Do It

How to Install Kodi Windows 8:

Download Kodi for Windows 8 by going to then click “Windows: Installer” to download the ~83MB Kodi installer (.exe) file directly from the official Kodi website.
After the file downloads, launch the file to begin to install Kodi Windows 8 version.
If you see a box pop up asking for permissions, then enter your password and/or click “Yes” to allow the installer to begin.
Once the Kodi installer begins, you’ll see the “Kodi Setup” window appear, which says “Welcome to the Kodi Setup Wizard”
Click Next
Click I Agree to accept the agreement
Click Next to continue. But before you click Next, make sure to leave the dropdown menu set to install the “Full” version of Kodi for Windows 8.
At this point, you should see the “Choose Install Location” part of the process.
Click Next.
The Kodi installer should now be at a screen that says “Choose Start Menu Folder”.
Click Install.
Kodi will now install on Windows 8. The screen will say “Installing..”.
The install process is complete when you see the Kodi installer window say “Installation Complete”
Select the checkbox on the screen that says “Run Kodi”
Click Finish to close the Kodi installer and launch Kodi.
If you see a window pop up that says “Windows Firewall has blocked some features of this app”, simply click “Allow Access”. This way Kodi will be allowed to connect to the Internet to stream movies & TV shows.

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