How to Install My Speedy Kodi Build!

Hey whats up my dudes! I was just showing how to install my fav Speedy Build i made for Kodi, just Updated it 10-24-2016.Pretty plain and simple and very low on space 73Mb! This is for fire sticks or other low end devices, has Dexter Pro for premium iptv. Works flawlessly on laptops and of course the Nvidia Shield TV. This build has the typical addons that i use everyday. Comes with Pandora radio for music with unlimited skips, feel free to add your own account if you dont like the ones i have on my dummy account. here is the source to my Wizard and Builds.

Download my wizard on a fresh install.
head to the videos tab and click addons then on my wizard.
Click the Speedy Build and wait for it to finish.
Force close kodi either unplugging the firestick or just rebooting your device.

Im just doing this out of boredom lol but if you would like me to create a build for you hit me up. :)

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