​Customize Pretty Flyer with Graphic Tool FotoJet

The all-in-one graphic tool FotoJet added Flyer to its design mode recently. This is a very popular one for users, and you can use it to make your flyer within a few munities. Now, let’s start to get familiar with how to make flyer with FotoJet.
Open www.fotojet.com , then click the DESIGN or Create a Design button on the homepage. Now you can see many kinds of samples. Click Flyer to get started. Of course, you can try any others display here. I think you can find they are wonderful and useful. Just have a try. 

Once you click Flyer, you can see plenty of templates on the left bar, you can make a preview by click them one by one. Each one of them has its own characteristic, and you may have difficulty to make choice of which one to use. Just choose the one you like to use, a simple click is ok. All the templates can be used directly after some slight adjustments, for they are all matched with beautiful images. 
Also, you can edit all the elements in the template, so you can delete any one of them and add your own image or text to it. There are three ways for you to upload images, you can upload from your computer or Facebook, or search images from Internet to use.

What’s more, you can add your own text and clipart to modify the flyer. Move your mouse to text and clipart. There are many samples you can use. As for clipart, you can also search from Internet. You can adjust text and clipart to the ones you like, such as position, color, size, opacity. You can also add outline and glow to them. I believe you will love these as long as you tried. 

If you don’t like the background of sample template, there are two ways for you to change it. You can change it by using the simples provide in BKGround or upload image from your own computer. So just move mouse to BKGround and then to change it. You can change it at ease just by click the simple background. 

You can do more things via FotoJet, it is an all-in-one graphic tool. It is collage maker, photo designer and photo editor, so do not hesitated to try it out. Now, get started and enjoy this amazing tool. 

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