How to Install GenVideos Kodi Addon

Are you a movie buff? If yes, you are at the right place. In this, we will see How to Install GenVideos Kodi Addon and all the necessary information on this movie addon that one must know. This addon simply allows us to watch movies in high definition quality.

Kodi system is a software application that lets you enjoy movies, shows, music which is extracted from local storage/network area and displayed on a large screen like televisions. Now such applications can be more utilized only with the presence of addons. GenVideos Kodi is one such addon.

Addons are like plug-ins which are needed for a smooth functioning of software or any large system. They are required for extension purpose. Here we will see such addon. GenVideos Kodi addon, which provides you with some good, quality movies on your home theater screen.


Install GenVideos Kodi Addon

Kodi has been a huge hit among all. The facility to watch TV shows, movies and music too, on a large HD display sounds so much cool. Now for providing certain services, we have to use addons, for the primary Kodi system. GenVideos Kodi addon is one such addon that is created for movie purpose only.

GenVideos Kodi is considered to be one of the best addons for Hollywood movies in a high definition picture quality. There are many categories displayed in this addon. Some of them are top rated ones, the movies released lately, and also the ones recently uploaded which makes the viewers differentiate all the movies quickly.

There are many repositories provided for the different purposes on Kodi. For GenVideos, you need to have the MuckyDuck repo installed on your system. So don’t worry we will show you all the steps to be performed in this section.

Let’s see how the GenVideos Kodi Addon can be installed on your system:

  1. Start the Kodi application on your system.
  2. Choose the main tab SYSTEM, and under this tab select the option File Manager.Kodi Addons Home Screen
  3. A list of options will be displayed. Select the option Add source among them.Kodi Addon Add Source
  4. A dialog box appears, select the box with text as <None> andkodi-addon-select-none
  5. In this region type exactly like this This is for the repo file needed to start using GenVideos Kodi. Then click DoneKodi-Addon-Repository-muckys-mediaportal4kodi-ml
  6. Now, highlight the box which says to give some name to the media source file, and save the name as
  7. Click on OK.
    If You have Mucky Duck Repo Installed Follow Instructions from here
  8. Revert to the Home Screen of the Kodi software.
  9. Choose the option SYSTEM again. Then Settings tab in the sub-options.
  10. A list of options will be displayed, among them click on the option Add-ons.Kodi Addons
  11. Many options will be listed again. Among them choose the option Install from zip file.Kodi Addon Install from Zip
  12. Many drives and folders will be listed now. Among them select the file named as MuckyDuck, the one we saved as media source file for GenVideos Kodi.mucky-zip-pubfilm
  13. Two or more zip files will be shown now. Click on the zip file named as
  14. This 1.0.2 gives you the correct numbering of the builds. Always choose the ones with the highest build number, apply this only when there is more than one zip file with the same name is displayed.
  15. As soon as you click on the zip file, processing will start.
  16. After some time, on successful completion, you will receive an Add-on enabled notification on the screen.mucky-repo-enabled
  17. Again move back to the option Install from Repository option again.
  18. A list of repositories will be displayed. Among them, choose the Mucky Ducks Repo option, mainly for GenVideos Kodi.mucky-repo-pubfilm
  19. Choose the option Video Add-ons on the next displayed screen.
  20. Click on the GenVideos option among all the addons available. And then click on Install option.Install Genvideos Addon for Kodi Addon
  21. After some time, Add-on enabled notification will be displayed.

You can now get started with the newly installed GenVideoss addon, move to the option Videos, and then selecting the option Addon.

This way we can installed our GenVideos Kodi Addon on the system.

What is GenVideos

GenVideos Kodi is an addon provided for the Kodi users, for the only purpose of watching movies. It is a website that allows you to watch movies for free without the need of sign up or any details of your bank accounts. This site has been helpful for many people. The main reason behind it is the variety of movies provided here.

The different categories included here are 720p, 1080p also. But GenVideos Kodi requires high-speed Internet otherwise you won’t be able to enjoy the service here. Providing movie contents and illegal so using this site and watching it’s content, everything is at your risk.

We got many queries regarding the working and installing GenVideos Kodi addon, so thought to write it up for you guys. We believe that this article helped you in the best manner, and your doubts have been cleared. If you still have any issue, write to us in the comment section below.

We have tried to cover all the details that you need to know to get started with GenVideos in How to Install GenVideos Kodi Addon. Do send your queries, we will solve it as soon as possible. Till then, keep visiting our page Kodi Addons!

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