The Best Kodi Music Addons – Our Top Picks

The video streaming on TV had been a talk for a long time. But here we will see The Best Kodi Music Addons – Our Top Picks. We will check out some of the Best Kodi MusicAddons available solely for music.

Kodi is a software application that lets you stream videos on large screens.

Now this has been something that you already knew. Do you know that you could stream some real music on this application as you watch movies and other stuff?

We will check out some Best Kodi Music Addons that will give you the option of listening to your favorite music on Kodi system. Addons are needed to add functionality.

And music choice on such an awesome platform makes it worth trying. So let’s get started.Kodi Music Addons

Best Kodi Music Addons

We all are well aware of Kodi, as one of the leading software applications that are used for video streaming. Now mostly everyone knows this much only. But in fact, the same application can be used for music streaming too.

This app provides you Best Kodi Music Addons with online music channels and other podcasts which offer to play your favorite music.

Here we will check some of the Kodi Music Addons. So now you will be able to enjoy the music of your choice along with the regular TV shows and movies that you used to watch on Kodi. We have a huge list of Best Kodi Addons that are available solely for music.

The music genres range from fast songs to sweet melody ones. The addons present in the Kodi lets you select some good quality songs quickly from the Kodi Music addons. So are you ready to groove with the music? Let’s check out some Best Kodi Addons, which are available for us.


This tops the music streaming channels provided for the Best Kodi Addon. Mixcloud channel is based in the United Kingdom. It provides us with online radio stations and random DJ mixes. You first have to get registered on the channel first. This channel provides you with professional as well as other music enthusiast who have uploaded on the channel.

You get a lot of options in this Best Kodi Music Addons. For example, bass music, drum sounds, indie genre and anything that you will love, you will find your music among them. There is an option for community join, where you will get to hear new music.

Apple iTunes Product

This one is the most loved and Best  Music Kodi Addon. We all know the Apple product is known for it’s design. The same level has been maintained in this one also. It provides you with a wide variety of music. In fact, this channel has got a huge list of options for music.

All the options found on iTunes are extended for the Kodi Addon also. From slow songs to DJ music is available in this. Here you don’t need to have this software on your either your smartphone/tablet/laptop.

It just needs to be installed on the TV only. Also, it will run on TVs other than Apple TV also.Best Kodi Music Addons


This simple addon doesn’t require software installation. Founded in the year 2002, it is a electronics manufacturer company based in America. This system provides the best service for the Best Kodi Addon in terms of multi-room system implementation. This is considered as one of the major streaming channels.

To get started with this, you need to first install the extension for the Sonos, which is the Best Kodi Music Addons. Then connect it with the speaker systems. Now users are able to perform basic operations, and notifications can also be received in this.Kodi Music Addon DLY FM

Till now we have seen the music channels which were providing options for a variety of music. Such music included pop, rock, slow, DJ and others. If you are searching some music other than these options, then you are at the right place.

This channel provides you with European music and offers to mix any song with any song you are listening. The app is worth seeing the quality music it provides you with. One of the unique and Best Kodi Music Addons made available.Tidal Kodi Music Addon


If you want to hear music on much higher resolution medium, then this channel is the best Kodi Addon for a listener like you. This channel also provides you with that kind of music that will be only made available on Tidal Addon.

You need to first create a Tidal account to get started with this Best Kodi Music Addons. Just install the addon and you will be allowed to listen to high resolution music almost on any system in which you have installed it.

We have listed The Best Kodi Music Addons – Our Top Picks in this article. Let us know which of them are you using right now. And if that is not listed here, share with us. We believe that you got a clear idea of some of the Best Kodi Addons available out for the application users. We have tried to list music channels of varied variety, not focusing on a particular genre. Till then, keep visiting our page, Kodi Addons!

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