How to Install Show-Box Addon Kodi

Are you a crazy viewer of shows like Lost, House? Then you have to check out this Install Show-Box Addon Kodi article.

The post will help you making understand all the things you should know about the addon and for the installation.

Kodi is a software application that lets you play your desired content on large screen displays.

These contents can be movies, music or any TV shows. Show-Box Addon is one kind of addon which lets you enjoy TV Shows contents on your HTPC.

Addon is an extension sort of thing, which allows you to improve and enhance the system to which it is added.

The Show-Box addon is indeed a boon for all the TV show lovers. So we will get started with the installation steps.

Install Show-Box Addon Kodi

We are now clear with the terms Kodi and Addons. Now talking about Show-Box Addon, this addon is present in the Mucky Duck repo folder.ShowBox Kodi Addon

The add-ons are made available in repository folder. In our system, Mucky Duck repo is installed first.

Show-Box Addon is the addon used for only TV show contents. No other kind of content is available in this addon. Mucky Duck, who is the developer of the addon, so thankful to Mucky Duck for this addon and its super materials.

To get started with this addon, you need to have Mucky Duck repo file installed first. And then you can start with the addon installation. We will see the steps for both.

The steps for installing Show-Box Addon:

  1. Start the Kodi application. Choose the SYSTEM tab, then click on the File Manager.Kodi Addons Home Screen
  2. You will get a list of options, among them choose the Add Source choice.ShowBox Kodi Addon Add Source
  3. Select the <None> box andkodi-addon-select-none
  4. Type as it is and press the Done button.ShowBox-Addon-muckys-mediaportal4kodi-ml
  5. Then highlight the box with the title as to enter the name for the media source.
  6. Enter the name as muckys and click on OK.kodi-addon-enter-name-for-media-source
  7. Revert to the Home Screen of Kodi.Kodi Addons Home Screen
  8. Click on SYSTEM, then choose the Settings sub-option. You will get a list of options, among them select the Add-ons choice.Kodi Addon Page
  9. Choose the Install from zip file option.Kodi Addon Install from Zip
  10. You will find a file named as muckys in this part. Select the zip file named as andShowBox-Kodi-Addon-Install-from-zip
  11. After some time you will find an Add-on enabled notification.ShowBox-Addon-Enabled-Notification
  12. Go to the option Install from the repositoryInstall from Repository Kodi Addons
  13. Select the Mucky Ducks Repo from the list.Mucky-Ducks-Repo-Kodi-Addon
  14. Choose the option Video Add-onsKodi Video Addon Select
  15. Click the Show-Box option among all the listed
  16. Then click on Install buttoninstall-showbox-addon
  17. Wait for the Add-on enabled notification to be displayed on the screen.showbox-enabled-notification

This way you have installed the Show-Box Addon for your Kodi system. To access this newly installed add-on, follow the similar path. First, go to the VIDEOS, then Add-ons and finally the SHOW-BOX option.

So do you install this addon correctly? Or have you been using this Show-Box Addon for a long time? Then share with us your experience and reviews of the same addon. If you have got anything interesting to add to the article, do share with us.

In this section of How to Install Show-Box Addon Kodi, we have tried the best way possible in explaining the step by step procedure for setting up the addon. Still, if you find any difficulty write to us in the comment section and till then, keep visiting our page Kodi Addons!

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