How to Install Afdah Kodi Addon

What’s up, folks! So here you are to get some help on How to Install Afdah Kodi Addon. It is not at all difficult to get the addon installed on your system.

So here we are to provide you the installation steps for the same.

Starting with some introductions, Kodi, it is an open source platform which let you play streaming contents stored on your local device and also online content.

Afdah Kodi is an addon which is used for enhancing the functionalities of the Kodi software.

Addons are simply plug-in kind of feature, which may serve a different purpose for Kodi.

We will see about Afdah Kodi in detail; this addon is used for the sole purpose of watching movies. So let’s get started.Afdah Kodi Addon

Install Afdah Kodi Addon

We saw a brief on what are these addons for your system and their primary purpose. Now heading on to the installations steps involved in Afdah Kodi Addon.

This addon is quite cool and lets us use some fantastic piece of information online. Now we have to admit one thing.

If you keep searching for any content you get many links for this. But many of them are found to be confusing.

So we have tried to explain the steps for installation of Afdah Kodi in straightforward and understandable language.

We have explained it in step by step procedure. Without much wasting your time, let’s get started with the installation.

The steps for installing Afdah Kodi:

  1. Start the Kodi application. Click on the main SYSTEM tab and select the sub option File Manager.Kodi Addons Home Screen
  2. After this, a list of choices will be displayed. From them choose the Add Source option.ShowBox Kodi Addon Add Source
  3. Now click on the box where None is written and type this link address, as it is. Then just click on Done button.ShowBox-Addon-muckys-mediaportal4kodi-ml
  4. In the next step, you will be asked to name the media source file, highlight this box and give any random name like MuckyDuck. Remember this
  5. Tap on the OK button. Revert to the Home Screen of Kodi software.
  6. Again select the primary tab SYSTEM. 3-4 sub-options will be displayed. Choose the option Add-ons among them.
  7. Some set of actions appears. Among them, select the Install from the zip file.Kodi Addon Install from Zip
  8. Many downloaded zip files are displayed. Choose the one we named as MuckyDuck before.
  9. Select the zip file with the name and wait for the Add-on enabled notification which will be displayed on the screen after some time.
  10. Go back to the Home Screen of Kodi. Select the SYSTEM tab again. Choose the option Add-ons and click on the option Install from the repository.Install from Repository Kodi Addons
  11. You will find Mucky Ducks Repo option from them. Choose that one.
  12. Now, the next step will be to move to the Video Add-ons option.Kodi Video Addon Select
  13. As soon as you enter, you will find a list of all the addons on your system. Among them search for Afdah Kodi and click on it.
  14. You will get a box being displayed with all the info about Afdah Kodi, select the Install option shown on the left side of the box.Install Afdah Kodi Addon
  15. Now, wait for the Add-on enabled notification to be displayed on the screen.Install Afdah Addon Enabled
  16. This way you have installed the Afdah Kodi for your system. For accessing it, go to the Home Screen, choose the Video option. Inside that, select the Add-ons option and there you will find your AFDAH option.

What is Afdah?

MuckyDuck is the main publisher of this movie addon which is used for Kodi platform. This publisher is the owner of three movie addons namely; Afdah Kodi, GenVideos Kodi, and Watch32HD. Mucky Duck has tried to fix the issues found in this addon and been updating the application regularly.

The repos created by Mucky Duck have already been in talk for a while, mainly because he adds a variety of addon which tries to serve a different purpose in the best possible way. Try Afdah Kodi Addon for yourself and enjoy the movies in a high definition quality on your home theater screens.

So we are hoping that this article How to Install Afdah Kodi Addon helped you and solved the doubts you had. It has been found that some of the movie addons are having issues, and they are improved by the developers. So you have to keep the right attitude and patience while dealing with addons. Till then, keep visiting of page Kodi Addons!

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