Guide to Install SALTs Kodi Addon Aka Stream All The Sources

It has been now found that people prefer online content. In this article, we have provided Guide to Install SALTs Kodi Addon Aka Stream All The Sources. In this, our primary focus will be SALTS Kodi Addon. Media player software works more efficiently when it is equipped with any plug-in which serves for different purposes.

First, I would like to give a simple understanding of Kodi software. It is a software that is used as a usual media player whereas SALTS Kodi Addon is used for functionality extension purpose. But what makes the software stand out is that you are allowed to stream videos directly from the local memory of your phone or even through network storage.

SALTS is an acronym for Search All The Sources. This one is one of the new Kodi Addons available, which has become popular in a very short period. The SALTS Kodi is developed by the same team who developed the famous for us.SALTs Kodi Addon

How to Install SALTS on Kodi

After giving a brief idea about the SALTS Kodi, we will see how to get it installed on our system. It has been in talks that SALTS can be considered the best substitution for some of the previously available addons like Genesis, Phoenix.

I have been using the SALTS Kodi Addon software for a long time, so will recommend you to use a VPN, which will help you in unlocking the Geo-blocked content and will keep you anonymous throughout the network.

In this section, we would see the installation procedure of SALTS Kodi along with the steps needed to be performed for the configuration purpose. Let’s get started with the installation process:

  1. First, you have to download the tknorris beta repo file and save this to a location from where it is easily accessible.
  2. Now open the Kodi Addon software
  3. Select the primary tab System. Then after that, select Add-ons.
  4. Choose the option Install from zip file for installing SALTS Kodi.Install SALTs on Kodi
  5. Move to the location where you saved the tknorris beta repo file and then among the list of choices, choose the option
  6. Now wait for sometime, till the Add-on enabled notification is displayed on the screen.
  7. Then select the option Install from the repository or Get Add-ons under the Helix.
  8. Again a list of options is displayed. Among them choose tknorris Beta Testing Repository.
  9. Go to the option Video Add-ons to test the installed SALTS Kodi Addon.SALTs Stream All The Sources
  10. Select the Stream All The Sources option. Click on Install.
  11. Wait till the Add-on enabled notification is received.

This way, Stream All The Sources has been successfully installed on your system. And to check out the SALTS Kodi, follow this order. First Videos tab, then Add-ons and finally Stream All The Sources option.

As soon as you get started after the installation of SALTS Kodi, you will be asked about choosing to authorize using Trakt Account. If you have any account on Trakt and want that to sync with the installed system, go ahead with the instructions displayed in the box. Otherwise, if you don’t have a Trakt account, just choose the option No Thanks.

As mentioned earlier, we would now see the steps to be undertaken for the Auto-Configure purpose. This functionality performs a set of operations which helps in enhancing the over-all quality of the SALTS Kodi.

  1. Go to the Settings option.
  2. Choose the Auto-Configure SALTS option from the list of choices.
  3. Now, all the features inside this SALTS Kodi Addon are mentioned which are mostly checked by default; still you have the privilege to get any option unchecked if you do not wish any changed to be made for that particular component. I would recommend not to do any changes to these options. Click on Continue.Best Genesis Alternative
  4. After some time, the Auto-Configure Complete notification will be displayed on the screen.
  5. Move over to the Add-on Settings in the SALTS Kodi Addon screen. Select the tab on the upper side named Source Management.
  6. Then among the listed options, choose the Source Selection Method and the destination place as Directory.
  7. Click on OK.

So finally we have installed the SALTS Kodi Addon on the system. Also, we are now aware of the method that has to be implemented for Configuration purpose. This should run without any issues now.

SALTS Kodi Best Genesis Alternative

The Genesis Addon seem to be having a lot of troubleshooting issues. And the updates also stopped in between by the person who developed this Add-on. The last update was found to be the 5.1.4 version which was used by the users. The developer also announced that he was working on a new plug-in. Since then people have been waiting to find a good replacement for the Genesis Add-on. Then came the SALTS Kodi in the picture.

First, we will see what was the actual problem in Genesis Addon. When any content supplier for Kodi system gains this much popularity like the one Genesis got, it is evident that the servers which host the video will try to block the users from accessing, to reduce the traffic online. This issue is solved SALTS Kodi software.SALTs Kodi

This is the reason, for which Lambda, the person who developed Genesis said that his further development works will be only based on the Real Debrid Applications. This will solve the blocking issue as done in SALTS Kodi addon. Real Debrid subscriptions have this feature that, you have to pay an amount which will let you stream content from all the servers with whom you establish the connection. Such kind of dealings will help in providing accurate and quality links to the user who needs it.

Then why to use SALTS Kodi should be your next question, see SALTS is almost similar to the Genesis still you will find some more extra features and settings in the former addon. The other reason is that, Genesis is based on the older version of Real Debrid whereas the SALTS comes with the new version of Real Debrid.

And thereby helps in removing unwanted links which help in providing error-free information. The working speed is also fine in SALTS Kodi addon. It also removes the useless links and replaces them with the valid ones.

I hope you are clear with all the explanations provided in article Install SALTs on Kodi Addon Aka Stream All The Sources. Using the SALTS Kodi, you can stream almost all kind of sources online. Again more addons can be added to this existing system to increase the over-all utility level of the software. If you have got kind of queries, do share with us in the comment section. Are you working on the same already, if yes then add some additional information, if any. To know more, keep visiting our page Kodi Addons!

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