Install Movie Mix Addon for Kodi Guide 2016

A warm welcome to all the Kodi fans out there! Here we will see how to How to Install Movie Mix Addon for Kodi. We will see what all software are needed for setting up this addon on Kodi and also the steps for installing it.

Kodi is an open source software which can be used to play streaming content on large screen displays. These contents can be music, movie, TV shows or any video too; that is extracted via a network or even local storage area. Read to know more on Movie Mix Addon.

Addon is an additional feature that makes the Kodi one complete and effective utility. These add-ons have got a variety of functionalities. Some may be solely for either movies or TV shows, while some may cover all genres of entertainment. So let’s get started with the Movie Mix Addon installation.Install Movie Mix Addon for Kodi

Install Movie Mix Kodi

We have seen a brief intro on Kodi and Addons; now it’s time to start with the Movie Mix Addon. This addon is present in the Mix category found in the Metal Kettle repository. Now by the name itself you can know that this addon provides movie content.

This addon provides you with old as well as latest movies in a 720p display quality. If you have got the Metal Kettle repository already installed on your Kodi system, you have to get this Movie Mix Addon simply from the video add-ons option.

The movies are placed in a category-wise, which makes it simple to understand for the users. Now for installing this Movie Mix Addon for your Kodi system, you need a Fusion Installer on your system initially. We have mentioned the steps for installing that also.

The steps for installing Movie Mix Addon for Kodi are given as following:

  1. As mentioned before, you need Fusion Installer to start the installation. If you haven’t installed this, follow our post on Install Fusion for Kodi.
  2. Now you are ready with the Fusion Installer. Go to the home screen of the Kodi software.
  3. Choose the primary tab SYSTEM displayed on the screen. Select the Settings option in the sub-option menu.Kodi Addons Home Screen
  4. A list of choices will be displayed in the left pane. Select the Add-ons option.Saints Build Addon for Kodi
  5. Next, choose the option Install from zip file. Then you will find the Fusion folder name. Click on that folder.Kodi Addon Select Fusion
  6. Then opt for a xbmc-repos option from the next screen. Select the English option among the displayed on the list.Kodi Addon Select English
  7. You will get a list of zip files here. Among them choose the file named as it is given here
  8. Then wait for some time, till you get a Metal Kettle Addon Repository enabled notification.
  9. Opt for the Install from repository option among the displayed choices.Install from Repository Kodi Addons
  10. You will find the repository files that you have got in this section. Choose the MetalKettles Addon Repository option.
  11. In the next set of choices, go for the Video Add-ons. There you will find Movie Mix
  12. Then finally click on the Install button that is seen in the left pane of the window.
  13. Then wait for the Movie Mix Addon enabled notification that will be displayed on the screen.

Therefore you are ready with the addon running on your Kodi system. To get started with the Movie Mix Addon, go to the VIDEOS option, then select the Add-ons option. There you will find the Movie Mix choice.

So we are done with this post on How to Install Movie Mix Addon Kodi. Hope it helped you and solved your queries that you had with the installation of this addon. Still, if you have got any questions, feel free to ask them out. Till then, keep visiting our dedicated blog Kodi Addons!

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