How to Reinstall Exodus or Install Addons

How to Reinstall Exodus or Install Addons

Recently a good amount of users of Kodi on all platforms has Exodus disappear from their addons with Kodi. Some people said that the developer did this intentionally to filter out users who bought loaded boxes and have no support. Some say it was just to filter out users who have no idea how to use Kodi and only use Exodus. Some people say it was just a coding issue that automatically removed Exodus. The world may never know the real reason this happened. But whatever the reason is, we wanted to create a tutorial on how to add the Exodus Addon or any other addon from a Repository.

Here at Skystream we have created tons of Kodi videos, articles on our Blog, and help articles on our Support Page. We have tons of information to teach you how to get the most out of your Skystream Android TV Box if you are willing to read a little bit.

With that in mind, let’s start learning how to add back the Exodus addon or any addon from a Kodi Repository.

  1. As you can see below the Exodus addon is not on our homescreen.

Kodi Home screen


2. Move your cursor to the System button. A Drop down will appear. Move it to Settings and click on it.

Kodi System Settings


3. Move your cursor to Add-ons and click on it.

Kodi Addons


4. Move your cursor to “Install from repository” and click on it.

Kodi Install from Repository


5. On this screen you will see all of the Kodi Repositories that are installed on your unit. To install Exodus, click on the Exodus Repository.

If you are trying to install an Addon that you heard about or saw on Youtube you will need to find out what Repository the addon is located in. A Google search will usually tell you very quickly what repository the addon is in. If that repository is not already installed on your unit you will need to find a tutorial on how to install that repository. As there are hundreds of repositories we cannot do a tutorial on all of them. Please note that we only support the addons and repositories that are installed with our Kodi Updater App and we cannot install additional repositories or addons for you.

Kodi Installed Repositories


6. Move your cursor to Video add-ons and click on it.

Please note that other repositories may have other sections such as Program add-ons, System add-ons or Music add-ons.

Exodus Repository


7. Click on Exodus

Kodi Exodus Addon


8. Click on Install

Exodus Install


9. Exodus will start downloading and installing. Once it is complete you will see a pop up at the bottom right of the screen saying “Exodus Add-on Enabled”

Exodus Enabled


10. As the Exodus Addon was already set as a shortcut in Kodi, the shortcut will automatically appear.

If Exodus was not set as one of your shortcuts or does not show up, please read our article on How to Add Shortcuts in Kodi.

Kodi Home Screen Exodus Installed


There you go. You have reinstalled the Exodus addon and are free to use it for streaming.

Please note – When adding addons or repositories that are outside of what we install with our Kodi Updater App, there are no guarantees that the addon or repository still work, are being maintained by the developer or have worked in months. Just because an Addon or Repository exists and can be installed does not mean it works.

As always, Stream On!!!

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