Best KODI solutions Buffering, cache, packages

Many of us get in to too many issues and we face many trouble form kodi. 

I peraonally have to clear cache and purge packages all the times but why do we need to do it and do we really need to do it.

The answer is simple. 3rd party addons.  After XBMC upgraded to KODI 14 we all seemed to noticed a slow in useing 3rd party addons, and the more addons you would install the more slowness it gets. This was first noticed with amazon fire sticks where everyone started to complain that they are running out of memory on there fire stick. Later one this was noticed on android devices as well. 

Despite some android devices were faster they were still runing our of space due to many addons installed.

KODI developers has added a great feature to addons. The feature seems to be obvious on usage and might not have been intentionally added to cause issue. This feature is when an addon get installed then the KODI woudl not install it first it would add it to a packages folder in the kodi/addon folder. This also meant that when a new updated added then it would accumulate more downloads in the packages folder before kodi installs more addons.

This actually has two benefits in my eyes that I can see, one the downloaded package is checked by Kodi first befoee installing and two the more downloades of the addon with differnt versions will allow you to allways revert back to an older version.

This really seems sensible in principle, how in practice haveing even 1 addon with high build up of constant updates sue to the nature of 3rd party addons meant packages folder will just build up.

This process of packages will make more caching files and more database size build up to KODI. 

As new KODI versions come up this doesnt seem to be fixed or improved on, in KODI 15 this caused a huge problem due to the change of kodi meant more addons updates then ever. So more package folder build up. 

We then all noticed another kodi feature that seems to cause kodi to erase all of the addons and all of the view of skins and rever back to original settings/view on its own. This was also caused by a build up of packages and overload of cache and database files gettinng corrupted sue to the high size of packages left in the kodi folder.

The solution to this was simple. Conducting a regular maintenace of kodi to clear cache and purging packages, on some occasions you can even reffresh the kodi database by deleting the database filez and allow it to rebuild. 

I made a video for such occasions i call it the panic mode. 


You can always install the tdb wizard to use the maintaince feature and clear kodi to fresh start your Kodi all together. Ofcourse with the tdb support you can always use a wizard/build followed by the kosi clear data.

Open Kodi > Select SYSTEM > File Manager > Add Source > Select None.

Enter the following > > select Done.

Highlight the box underneath > enter a name for this media Source > type TDB and select OK.

Go back to your Home Screen > SYSTEM > Add-Ons

Select Install from zip file > TDB >

Wait for the Add-on enabled notification

Install from repository > TDB Wizard Repository > Program Add-ons > .TDB Wizard > Install

Wait for the Add-on enabled notification

As normal the add-on can be accessed via Programs > Add-ons > .TDB Wizard

Click on TDB 

Click Maintance Tools 

Click System Rest

Pop up message appears – click Yes to fresh start your KODI
You can also watch this video guide for the tsb wizard 

Enjoy the show

Husham memar


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