Kodi Popcorn Time Add-on Install Guide

The Kodi Popcorn Time add-on brings the Popcorn Time backend to Kodi! The add-on allows you to stream a massive selection of movies and uses popular torrent sites as the backend for streaming, which removes the need for multiple scrapers and resolvers.

July 18th Update: The Popcorn Time Kodi add-on has been updated and brought back to life! Click here for the details now.

The Kodi Popcorn Time add-on uses the same backend as the popular add-on for Android and iOS (jailbreak only) of the same name which allows you to stream movies quickly and easily. Popcorn Time uses popular torrent websites to display and stream shows sequentially, which removes the need for individual scrapers and resolvers for each streaming website like what Genesis uses. This idea allows the Kodi Popcorn Time add-on to quickly present and let you watch nearly anything.

The latest version of the Kodi Popcorn Time add-on is v1.0.0b The reliability and quality of the add-on is top notch and is well worth the download and install. Follow our instructions below to get the Popcorn Time add-on today.

Note: Popcorn Time piggybacks onto popular torrent websites for its sources, which means that when you are watching a show your connection is being shared to other users downloading and watching the same show. Depending on your comfort and familiarity level, you may want to connect to a VPN in order to mask your IP address and appear as if you are someone else. If you are interested in a VPN, you can get 25% off at IPVanish today! Click here to sign up for IPVanish.

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Kodi Popcorn Time Install Guide

  • Click here to download the Popcorn Time repository and save it somewhere safe. You can also add “https://github.com/markop159/KODI-Popcorn-Time” as a source in your file manager in Kodi and find the repository in the releases > plugin.video.popcorntime.repository folder.
  • From the Kodi main menu, navigate to SYSTEM > Add-ons > Install from Zip > and select the Kodi Popcorn Time repository you saved above and wait for the add-on enabled notification
  • Click on Install From Repository > Markop159 Repository > Video Add-ons > Popcorn Time > Install
  • Wait for the add-on enabled notification.

That is it! The Kodi Popcorn Time add-on will be found under your video add-ons! Go and enjoy virtually any movie you want.


You may want to consider hiding yourself on the internet with a reliable VIP VPN service like IPVanish. If your ISP has caps on how much you can use the internet or if you live in an area where content is geo-blocked, a VPN can make you appear as if you are from anywhere in the world. IPVanish has some advantages of its competitors too:
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